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I keep thinking I love the incarnations of my site, the gallery page currently looking like this: Fine Art blahblahblah. I recently had it pointed out to me that while the CSS is clever, it doesn't do justice to the images and I should look into a different gallery style. I tend to agree.

My problem is, I surf and surf and look for an artist/photographer's site with an image gallery that makes me go, "Wow! Holy Shit! This is what I'll copy!" because I don't have the mad skilz necessary to develop the code on my own and I need to at least have something to view the source on and emulate. I would like to be able to have an onclick to medium and large. Perhaps an onclick in the gallery to extra large, with an onclick to medium on the pricing page.

Do any of you know a site(s) that you think has a particularly gorgeous gallery? One that would lend itself well to my art?

I'd sure appreciate some direction and help...
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FINALLY finally I have an IllustrationInk I can live with. I went and jacked with the original design a year ago, and have been swimming the geek-infested waters of CSS, Javascript and html ever since. I hate it there. It's creepy and funnily's like being the Junior High Chess Club President, only virtually. However, I did learn from spaz-school how to make the grooviest CSS-based Image Galleries ever.

Anyway, now that it's something lovely and stuff, I have a ton of new content to go up tomorrow. I'm busy too doing marketing and business networking for PersonalTales, which is going really well. I've been working since 8:45 this morning, with a bagel break, and a "House" on DVR break.

It makes me a little sad that there was an ice storm today, because I'm waiting on three boxes of dorky scrapbooking/altered art stuff. I'm making a little somethin' for a couple of people on my friends don't know who you are! You might get something! You might not!

I actually washed my sheets and sofa cover today. Fear my Marthatude.


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