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Allow me to preface this with information about me as a cat owner. I grew up with cats, nasty, ill-tempered, male Lilac Point Siamese cats. We went through three during my childhood, and to this day I don't know why I loved them. They were noisy, smelly and mean, clawing me in my sleep or just lazily reaching over and swiping my face occasionally, leaving blood. But the conditioning held, and when I had my first place, I adopted a stray cat, who promptly broke my heart. He'd get into fights, bring in vermin, disappear for weeks at a time and still I loved that cat. He would.not.go into a carrier when I moved, so I left him to his own devices. He never really needed me, but I was convinced I was a "cat person."

I know now that I am not. )
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I'm incredibly careless, and not in the usual way(s). Today, neighbor Bob and I installed (okay, he did most of the hard stuff and I handed him tools and shims) my new back door and in the process, I lost Hedwig! He apparently walked outside while I was getting the new door through to the back, and as he's super-shy and extra-scaredy, it probably wasn't so much walking as skittering and crabbing sideways looking for anyplace that wasn't filled with cussing and loud banging. And, because he's so very stupid, even more so than Max, he's going to be a GIGANTIC pain to find, even if I can find him before he tangles with a racoon or 'possum and STUPID FUCKING CAT COME HOME.


The end.


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