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When I was at the grocery store today, I picked up the weekly Rural Reporter - Lathrop, Turney, Holt, Polo [me] Edition. I will be sharing exerpts from the Crime Report weekly. I can't not. (Make the British cop car sound in your head while reading this: WEEEEooooWEEEEooooo.) These are verbatim.

August 13, 2007. 6:04 p.m.: 911. There are cows out on I-35 at the 43 mm. No deputies available for the round up...State Trooper and deputies are going to a vehicle accident on Route C.
7:10 p.m.: Cows are back in the pasture...they stepped back over the very low fence...the same place they got out.
10:09 p.m.: A female has stopped her Interstate Truck Lines tractor-trailer rig and is now parked in the southbound rest area. She is very perplexed at her dog. Her dog obedience training method is to "swing the dog around by its collar and hit it"...per the caller.

August 14, 2007. 4:22 p.m.: The wife reports that one of her husband's drunken buddies followed her husband home last night. She would not allow the drunken buddy into the she put him and his dog in the garage to sleep it off...on the garage floor. But the drunken buddy had his booze with him. Now it's in the afternoon. The dog is sober but the buddy is drunk again...and she wants him and his stupid dog out!
7:28 p.m.: 911. The fence is still low. The cows still know how to step over it. I-35 at the 43 mm. The cows stepped back in when the deputy showed up.
11:22 p.m.. 911. Per the caller, a 33 year old male, a Plattsburg resident, is armed, drunk and is hitting his vehicle with a sledge hammer. He wasn't armed but he was drunk...Disturbing the Peace...$200 bail.

August 16, 2007. 6:17 p.m.: Horse is out on Bacon Road. A resident wishes to speak to a deputy in person, about the horse.
6:57 p.m.: A cow is out on State 116 near Happy Hollow. Deputy will be in route to the soon as he gets done with the horse.

August 19, 2007. 6:20 p.m.: Little pigs are out on Norton Road.


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