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This one's turning out kinda cool:

Ink and watercolor on
illustration board


Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:58 pm
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Because of a nasty-assed cold and degrees in the single digits, for two days now I've gotten nothing done besides make dots while under a warm afghan, a heated blanket and propped up by pillows, like a poverty-stricken Olivia DeHavilland. No phone calls, no return emails, no LJ responses, no party favors, no post office runs.

WIP: "Floral Arrangement"
pen&ink on illustration board

Click for large

Aaaaaand, I got stiffed by that jackhole in Chicago on "Stipple Mary". Last time for a commission with no down-payment. If you're interested, email me at and we'll talk. She's big (20x15") and she's going to be colored in charcoal, blue robes, golden clouds, auburn hair. She's probably the best figure I've ever done.

Snotty kisses for a wonderful new year, everybody.
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Have to share this now, even though I'm really close to being done (maybe 10 more hours), because I'm SO EXCITED about how it's turning out. It looks like an old tinted dagguerotype. I'll probably have the final up tomorrow.


Pen & ink (edge-to-edge pointillism),
with pastel overlay on illustration board

click for large

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I did A LOT of work at Illustration Ink today (five hours), including New Lower Prices on Everything, and new Work in Progress and an Information Page regarding commissions and the work process (I've had quite a few requests).

New WIP (click for large):
"Hibiscus" - will be colored with pastels, orange petals and green leaves (14x14"). Final price: $900.

"Crazy Bench" - will remain entirely b&w stipple (11x9") Final price: $1000.

Go take advantage of the new prices! Let me know if you'd like to work out a payment arrangement for a Commission Piece! Tell your friends! Tell your relatives!

And thank you, sincerely, for your interest.

Love, d.
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WIP, "Crazy Fountain":

Click for large:

I still need to figure out some perspective weirdness between the tiles and the fountain bed, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with it. About 175 hours into it, another 100 to go.

CRAZY GOOD SALE at Illustration Ink, plus new content on the home page.

**EDIT TO ADD**: ...aaaaand the PayPal site is down, so I can't make my buttons consistent. Mother douchebags.


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