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I'm headed off to Platte City today, to take Spice to her final hole in the ground. Perhaps it's her first hole in the ground as well, I don't know. I'll probably have to wait until tomorrow morning to dig, since it's been raining for a day and...poor Spicey. I'll paint her little marker tonight at Mom's.

I'm totally redoing my web site. I'm sick of the dark colors for one thing, but mostly I'm sick of how hard it is to buy what you want. I hate how hard it is to see the image and then have to navigate away to find the piece again to use one of the ugly "Buy Now" buttons.

I need design help! Do you have a favorite site, where you go, "Oh my God, this is the easiest I've ever had it making a purchase"? A favorite site where you say, "This is the most well-designed site I've ever been to and if I wish that web designer lived next door so I could bake her a pie"? My web scruples are selective, so I'm not above stealing code. I'll liberate an entire design, but either tweak it enough so that it's mine or credit the designer.

Looking for/will do:

  • Clean, light design
  • New "Buy Now" buttons
  • Perhaps JSS script that allows for pop-up slideshows with text (maybe "Buy" buttons as well)
  • Other gallery option? One that doesn't limit the image to a tiny thumbnail as preview.
  • Rework "Commissions" and "Bio" pages to shorten and combine
  • Reduce total number of pages
  • Reduce displayed image size/quality to lower load time
  • Incorporate ability to view "detail" jpg's, instead of sending to new huge image
  • "Free Pony" button. Give away a free pony every time someone clicks.


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