Nov. 13th, 2008 09:38 pm
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So much to say, I don't feel like saying any of it. My friend [ profile] lolliejean is doing okay, after a really really bad day...

Hey! Here's a rare good picture of me, on my BAD ASS princess phone. You bitches ain't got a princess phone!

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In the past three days, I've accomplished (with F's help for some and not necessarily in the following order):
  • Finished the website (for now). I've still got issues with double-click in IE7 and getting a Flash movie to hyperlink for the Home page. Other than that, fuck it, it's good to go.
  • Advertised in seven different locations. (All free -- I rule.)
  • Had a lovely crockpot dinner with F and my girls, [ profile] justamy and [ profile] lu_shines on Saturday. We giggled hard at some "Campus Ladies" episodes and I cussed a lot as we watched some suck-ass football game...
  • Taken down all Christmas items (except for the actual tree---still trying to find out who recycles around here).
  • Declined an invitation to stay at my parents' house, because Mom's got a cold, and I quote: "Today is coughing-up-green-loogies day."
  • Rearranged furniture in office, adding a love seat and moving all comp stuff to different wall. Hooked up fax machine.
  • Did four loads of laundry.*
  • Did house cleaning: living room, kitchen and both bathrooms.
  • Designed logo and made business cards for PersonalTales.
  • Started complete revamp of Illustration Ink website. The one I have up now is ass and I won't even bother to link.
  • Cleaned up all the folders on my hard drive.
  • Signed up for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express live vendor status.
  • Made handwriting samples for PersonalTales' website.
  • Went through and made notes on: "The Organized Family Historian," "Altered Art" and "The Joy of Scrapbooking."
  • Made sketches for [ profile] the_lucky_nun and [ profile] skajester's garden, to send to them by the end of the week.
  • Ordered: paper, cardstock, photo tape, glue, deco-scissors, three different-sized photo/scrap albums, stickers, rulers, cutting mat, vellum, repair tape, rubber stamps, ink pads, tag punch, tool kit (with eyelet setters, etc.), embellishment kits, and some other stuff I can't remember but will be pleasantly surprised when it comes. All for under $150!!!!

    Still up,
  • *fold laundry and put away, do more laundry
  • Clean and organize office
  • Do filing
  • Compiling a database of people/businesses to hit with advertising, with a two-fold brochure and business cards.
  • Work on II website.
  • Take some snaps of the house, especially the office, and post them.
I'm so nesty and happy right now I must be on drugs. But I'm not!


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