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My boyfriend will share the gross stuff . *I'm* all about the kittens. KITTIES! )

I'm making one of F's favorite things for dinner (Christmas meatballs) and making a present for my lovely boo's baby shower on Sunday. Today: I cropped, sealed and signed a sold art piece and packed the box to send out. We've also been to Lowe's, to the bank, to Wal-Mart to make a Moneygram car payment, to the post office to drop the eBay package (and where I was unceremoniously butt-raped on postage), made breakfast burritos and cleaned out a drain and the basement. Okay, those latter ones were all F. I don't do drain washcloths or dog shit.

Semper fi.
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Errr, I kind of said the other night that I'd not be adopting more animals because it hurts too much when they leave. With that firmly in mind, I started perusing the KCMO and KCK animal shelter sites, you know, just to look.

We're going to try to adopt these guys tonight or tomorrow morning:

Spoogie (aka Freakshow) (formerly known as "Snooze")


Fredo Corleone (formerly known as "Clark"--way to cock it up)

We have already fallen in love, because they both look extremely flawed. I mean come on...Spoogie's a fucking mess. He's a weird color, he's all frazzly and what's with that head shape?

And Fredo...I told F I hope he's smart enough to remember to breathe.

Max is super-depressed. I can't stop crying when I think about Scooter too long. Kittens will bring to this house their special brand of mayhem that we need...from finding every possible way there is in a house to kill themselves, to being so adorable when they fall asleep in your hand that you could burst a little inside.


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