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In the past, I have done posts about my "Favorite People", [ profile] catelin and [ profile] dougiefelchtone among them...Soon up, [ profile] justamy. Right now, I give you [ profile] lu_shines.

Carrie has one of the biggest hearts around. She's warm and smart and funny and will listen with her very core. She's an artist who hides her light under a bushel, and I hope she chooses to let it shine through soon. She takes her perceived shortcomings to heart and seeks advice and help for overcoming them. She works tirelessly to keep those around her feeling nurtured. She takes care of the people she loves with delightful belly-laughter and food. She has amazing brown eyes and gorgeous hair, and a curvaceous shape that is built for hugging and long walks on the Plaza. She used to be my neighbor; I miss the security of that. She was so close, to bring me out of a funk or to share a funny story and giggle with me. If you are her friend, she completely has your back.

She's been busy; she married the man she loves, who is not of her race or religion, and has selflessly absorbed his culture and customs as her own. She graciously invites her new brethren into her home for huge parties and takes some hits when she's not accepted outright. They simply do not know enough about the person beneath the white skin or they would embrace her as a sister immediately.

She's having a baby girl within the next few days. If that baby girl is lucky, she will be even half as gracious, loving and open-hearted as her Mom. And she will have her big brown eyes.


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