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Personal Tales is finally up and running in its totality, with some minor stuff to be done, like linking the Flash headers to the home page, and getting the index names changed to what they really are. I'm going to work on a newsletter and attach a blog, and do some other stuff cosmetically...I've moderately advertised on Google, and in a little bit, I'll advertise again locally.

I'm really proud of the site. It was a lot of work and a huge learning curve was tackled by me.

I'd appreciate if you'd let me know if anything's broken for you, or if you think something is sucky.
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In the past three days, I've accomplished (with F's help for some and not necessarily in the following order):
  • Finished the website (for now). I've still got issues with double-click in IE7 and getting a Flash movie to hyperlink for the Home page. Other than that, fuck it, it's good to go.
  • Advertised in seven different locations. (All free -- I rule.)
  • Had a lovely crockpot dinner with F and my girls, [ profile] justamy and [ profile] lu_shines on Saturday. We giggled hard at some "Campus Ladies" episodes and I cussed a lot as we watched some suck-ass football game...
  • Taken down all Christmas items (except for the actual tree---still trying to find out who recycles around here).
  • Declined an invitation to stay at my parents' house, because Mom's got a cold, and I quote: "Today is coughing-up-green-loogies day."
  • Rearranged furniture in office, adding a love seat and moving all comp stuff to different wall. Hooked up fax machine.
  • Did four loads of laundry.*
  • Did house cleaning: living room, kitchen and both bathrooms.
  • Designed logo and made business cards for PersonalTales.
  • Started complete revamp of Illustration Ink website. The one I have up now is ass and I won't even bother to link.
  • Cleaned up all the folders on my hard drive.
  • Signed up for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express live vendor status.
  • Made handwriting samples for PersonalTales' website.
  • Went through and made notes on: "The Organized Family Historian," "Altered Art" and "The Joy of Scrapbooking."
  • Made sketches for [ profile] the_lucky_nun and [ profile] skajester's garden, to send to them by the end of the week.
  • Ordered: paper, cardstock, photo tape, glue, deco-scissors, three different-sized photo/scrap albums, stickers, rulers, cutting mat, vellum, repair tape, rubber stamps, ink pads, tag punch, tool kit (with eyelet setters, etc.), embellishment kits, and some other stuff I can't remember but will be pleasantly surprised when it comes. All for under $150!!!!

    Still up,
  • *fold laundry and put away, do more laundry
  • Clean and organize office
  • Do filing
  • Compiling a database of people/businesses to hit with advertising, with a two-fold brochure and business cards.
  • Work on II website.
  • Take some snaps of the house, especially the office, and post them.
I'm so nesty and happy right now I must be on drugs. But I'm not!
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So, yeah...I'm placing ads in the local papers for this, starting Monday: PersonalTales, a personal and family historian business I'm starting. I've been made perhaps permanently brain-damaged by just working the CSS for the site, so I hope people wanna hire a retard.

See, I'm fascinated by people's stories and from what I've gathered in my research (which has been extensive), there's a big call for baby-boomers to tell their parents' stories, as they age and that information might be lost forever. Also, since I've been doing scrapbooks and collages and writing my *own* bio for roughly forever, it seemed like something that I could fit into rather easily. And I have.

So, if you all could be my beta site testers and tell me a) if there're questions that I'm not answering well enough, b) layout difficulties, c) design ideas, d) HOLY SHIT! is that what you'd charge...whatever you notice.

Please keep in mind that:
  • the Home page and Flash headers with "Personal Tales" is not the logo yet...that's still under development
  • I don't have all the links under "Helpful Links & Tips..." up yet
  • I don't have the "About Us..." done at all yet
  • I still need to put up examples of work and sample interviews (from my folks) :). That's tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks, you guys.


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