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~I've never seen "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."
~I haven't watched "The Late Show" since before Johnny Carson left it.
~I've never watched "24." The thing with all these shows is: I just don't care.
~I've only eaten at a Taco Bell once, and swore I'd never do it again.
~One of my favorite disgusting food pigouts is Chef Boy ArDee ravioli with Velveeta melted on top, though I haven't had it in years.
~So far, I've made four grown-ups cry just with my mean mean words. Three of whom were men.
~During a fight, I elbowed a guy so hard in the stomach he was taken to the hospital; the cops let me go because it was self-defense. But it wasn't.
~I once told a School of the Art Institute of Chicago art teacher, "Go fuck yourself, poseur."
~I sincerely love bubble baths and making soap bubble mustaches and mohawks on myself.
~I've shaved my head twice.
~Humane Society commercials make me cry. As does the National Anthem. Especially at the Olympics.
~I used to be allergic to mango, but I'm not anymore. Same thing with kiwi.
~My wisdom teeth never came in. They're in there, they're just shy.
~I can forge anyone's signature.
~I once drew the State Seal of Illinois by hand for a fake driver's license for myself; it passed everywhere (I was 18).
~I've driven just about every manual transmission there is, except for an 18-wheeler.
~When I was 9 (?) I made a giant pink cock out of Play-Doh and stuck sea shells in it for an art project. It got displayed in a glass case in my elementary school. No one knew it was a cock.
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