Jan. 12th, 2010

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Okay, so I've been following y'all's recommendations for downloaded serieseses, and it took me a couple of months but I got through "Six Feet Under" and HOLY SHIT what a good show.  It's so fantastic to watch these excellent shows from beginning to end with few pauses in between the episodes...I really appreciated the final season (especially the series finale) even though I'd been hipped (accidentally) by the internet that Nate dies.  Man, I got emotionally invested in those people, to the point where I wanted to repeatedly a) punch them in their whiny faces or b) hug them.

I'm working my way through "Rome" and "Carnivale" although I have to say, I'm not in love with either one.  I don't know what it is; they both have all the elements I normally crave in a story/characters.  Maybe it's me.  Maybe these particular shows don't lend themselves well to my brand of "watching," where I'm actually listening more than viewing.

Allan's got me hooked on Dr. Drew, which sucks because, well, I hate those people.  Have you SEEN Heidi Fleiss?  She looks like she humped a cheese grater with her face.  At least the pain of being a Dr. Drew addict is partially mitigated by my new obsession with Anthony Bourdain.  Even though that sick, French-trained motherfucker will eat ANYTHING, preferably faces and assholes.

So right now I'm downloading "Entourage" and "The Tudors" while I work, hoping to find something as magical as "Six Feet Under."  Which was so good I was sad that I reached the end.

List in progress, under the cut. )


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