Dec. 1st, 2009

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Dec. 1st, 2009 09:34 am
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My day-after-Thanksgiving with the Chef was so very good. Actually, it was three days long, but still. When I get home tomorrow (I'm in Bryan, TX) I'll put up pictures of our feast, because it was SPECTACULAR.

Cate and John came home from Disney with the boys on Saturday, and after some teeny-angst drama, they got to put their seal of approval on the Chef, and he on them. Which makes me happy. I managed to get out of their house only breaking the garbage disposal and causing one dog fight, so it was fairly successful. I think we're all to the point where as long as there's not an actual fire inside? It's all good.

Allan and I caravanned from the hill country back to Austin on Sunday, where I picked up my youngest kitty Spoogie, and we brought him back here to the loft in Bryan, where he could get introduced to Allan's cat, Mack. So far? Pretty friggin' good. Mack's never been around another cat, and Spoogie's never NOT been around other cats, so Spoogie's kinda breaking him in. Other than Mack having a heart attack every time Spoogie comes around a corner, then growling at the Spoogester, it's been fairly seamless. They sniff each other and want to play, but are still too skittish.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to my "What the hell should I watch?" list! Under the cut are all the suggestions, although I have to say I went ahead and made an executive decision NOT on the list, "Breaking Bad," and holy shit, am I ever glad I saw that. What a great show. Fantastic writing, super-strong acting, compelling plot-lines in every episode. I'm cliff-hung by the last show of Season 2, those fuckers.

Anyway, here's the list I'll be working my way through (with some edits) from here until who knows because I've started a new piece. )

Lastly, I wanna throw out a huge internet group hug to [ profile] lolliejean who lost her very best friend and companion on Sunday. Ellie passed peacefully in her sleep at L's home, and I have to say I've shed tears for my friend and her bruised heart. What a fucked up year for her; I'm so glad Ellie was there for the worst of it (and best) for L.

That's all I got. I have the pleasure of adding cedar fever to my list of sinus woes. It's delightful! In addition to my usual dripping and sniffing and blowing (chronic acute sinusitis), I have sneezing and malaise! It's good to be the Queen.


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